Warrior STEM Camp 2022

Gateway Academy is incredibly supportive and comfortable – a community where students build transformative relationships. These relationships are at the core of all we do, helping students develop a courageous sense of self that they will carry with them anywhere they go in the world. During Warrior STEM Camp, those core relationships are cemented by the joy of shared experiences, which will enable students to tackle challenges, learn, and grow, no matter where they go!

With a blend of adventure, experiential learning, and fun, Gateway’s Warrior STEM Camp provides a supportive and challenging educational experience for youth in grades 8-12, who may have struggled in more traditional school settings. The four-week program is divided into two 2-week sessions, which are sequenced to build on each other. We recommend completing all four weeks, but students may sign up for just one or two of the 2-week sessions.

Freshman Academy is designed to jump start incoming 9th grade students in making the transition from Middle School to High School while building STEM skills.

Warrior STEM Camp is for those students that want to excel in any STEM area. But Fun! Things like Rocket Science for Engineering, ending with each student or team launching their rocket on the campus field. The Science Tract could be Med Tech to include Biology, A&P and Chemistry projects, and finally Whiz Kids Math, to include math calculations around the Valley calculating heights, trajectories, slopes, grids, ending in a Math Off Contest!

Become a more confident version of yourself!

At a Glance



  • Full session = May 30 – June 24
  • First session = May 30 – June 10
  • Second session = June 13 – June 24

Tuition: ESA funds can be used for Warrior STEM Camp!


  • Full four-week summer sessions = $3,000
  • Session One = $1,500
  • Session Two = $1,500
  • Academic credit: Students have the potential to earn .5 academic credit per session.
  • Co-Ed program for students in grades 8th -12th Grades
  • Experiential-based learning
  • Fun, because, after all, it’s Summer!

Enrollment is limited! To enroll, please fill out the Warrior Summer Camp Application, which will be sent to you upon inquiry.

Contact 480-998-1071 for questions!