Global Partnerships

Cultivating a positive, accepting, culturally diverse society is important to us at Gateway Academy, so we have partnered with two international schools—one in London and one in Ghana. Through this partnership, our students can embrace multiculturalism and reevaluate old beliefs while connecting to students in various countries. This partnership will help them gain a global perspective of the world around us.

Understanding New Cultures

By studying new cultures, students learn an important lesson—that we have nothing to gain from judging someone or something we don’t know.

Our Global Partnerships Program is About:

  • Recognizing there are different cultures and they are individually diverse
  • Respecting the differences between one another
  • Acknowledging the validity of different cultural backgrounds and expressions
  • Valuing what other cultures have to offer
  • Encouraging diverse groups to contribute to communities and public discourse
  • Empowering people to achieve their maximum potential by being critical of their own biases
  • Celebrating one another, rather than just tolerating our differences

Our Global Partnerships Program is About:

The Global Partnerships Program is open to all our students. They can participate through our World Language Lab and Instrumental Music Program.

World Language Lab

In the World Language Lab, students will focus on the cultures of the three different countries.

Instrumental Music Program

In the Instrumental Music Program, our students will collaborate with students from the two international schools to create a global song. Students will write the lyrics and music to this song and share it at the end of the school year.