Our Team


O. Robin Sweet

Executive Director & CEO

Dr. Thomas Bloom

Chairman & COO

Heather Ostendorf

Director of Admissions

Anthony Terrill

Director of Education

Curt Bobo

Director of Student Services

Kacey Morrissey

Instructional Coach

Tim Heywood

High School Technology

Jessica Ahl

World Language Lab

Andrew Lenberg

High School Science

Jessie Puckett

High School English

John Chamberlain

High School History & Team Lead

Victoria Bragg

High School History

Katja Armsby

Middle School Science

James Montgomery

Middle School Math & Team Lead

Jordan Carter

Get Fit Coach

Adam Spiezer

Middle School World Language Lab

Amy Lou Bogen

High School Digital Art

Katie Garcia

Middle School English

Vanessa Perkins

High School English

John Freres

Middle School History

Theodore Jun

High School Math

Michael Spindell

High School Math

Thalia Glenn


Richard Bogen

Music Director

Jason Kron

Instrumental & Digital Music

Dr. Kenneth Zwier


Hannah Fletchall


Hear from our teachers

What I like most about the school is the mission and the dedication of administration.

I like that our school is 100% focused on the development of our students' academic, social, and emotional growth, guiding them to be productive members of society when they leave school. We are able to focus on the individual needs of all of our students due to the structure of our school, and the direction our administration leads us in.

What I like best about Gateway is the passion that our staff has for teaching. The positive energy that radiates from their bodies is amazing.

I love being able to support students, parents, teachers and administrators in our Village. Gateway is a safe place for students to flourish academically, emotionally and socially and help them transition into successful adults.

I love that its focus is on the students, where it should be. I enjoy teaching with teachers that actually like their students The school atmosphere is conducive to building relationships with staff, students, and parents. I actually like coming to school every day.

It is a unique environment that caters to children who would otherwise fall through the cracks, and who would never be successful without the amazing tools and strategies that we provide for our students.

What I enjoy most about Gateway Academy is the staff's shared love for helping the students.

That our students are able to come to school each day knowing that they have a place where they are safe and cared for.

The school staff has the ability to collaborate and work as a team discussing individual students and what is needed to make them improve and succeed.