Warrior Summer Camp 2021

Warrior Summer Camp provides a functional setting for campers to practice social skills and social thinking skills in a natural environment. We are looking to provide each camper a supportive environment, an environment that allows each camper to be themselves, lessen anxiety, and work on skills like:

  • Self confidence
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control and emotional regulation
  • Group skills and collaborative problem solving
  • Social thinking and social understanding
  • The ability to be flexible in thinking and routines
  • Learning to adapt and respond to the people and situations around them.

While campers take comfort in the structure and predictability of our Warrior Camp program, they also thrive when given a chance to pick their own activities. Our program includes ample opportunity for choice and specialization.

Social Skills

  • Initiating/ending conversations
  • Maintaining conversations and switching topics
  • Appropriate use of humor and sarcasm
  • When to exit a conversation
  • Body language
  • Personal space
  • Social cues


  • initiating and planning hang outs
  • real world situations
  • maintaining friendships
  • multiple friend groups
  • finding a good friend
  • conflict/differing opinions
  • respecting boundaries
  • peer pressure
  • handling teasing

Technology Etiquette

  • Cell phone etiquette
  • Positives of social media and awareness of negative impacts
  • Conversations with parents/caregivers
  • Responsibility- schedules
  • How to ask for help

Group Activities

  • Coding
  • Robotics (team)
  • Scavenger hunts-Pokemon GO style
  • Nerf Wars
  • Cooking: finding recipes; making a grocery list; shopping; prep
  • Create a podcast with a partner
  • Indoor camping
  • Water days: constructing an outdoor water mattress pad
  • Designing and Building a Mindfulness Maze
  • Create a Solar Oven